About Us

HITCHPORT® raises the bar for easy hitch storage

With experience as an RV Dealer, RV technician, and travel trailer owner it was constant aggravation handling heavy, greasy weight distribution hitches and spring bars. 

Hitchport, LLC

Ease The Pain

Weight distribution hitch bar storage has been a concern for me and many of our customers. Affordable Hitchport® Storage Mounts place the hitch and spring bars at a convenient height on the trailer tongue to ease the pain of hitch storage.

Easy & Clean Handling

Take the hitch bar directly from the receiver to the Hitchport®. No more lowering or lifting a dirty hitch from the ground or wrestling with a greasy hitch to make it fit inside a storage compartment. For easier and cleaner handling of the ball mount use the HitchGrip™ handle.

Saves Storage Space

Hitchport® Storage Mounts saves valuable compartment space and provide a convenient location for storing your heavy hitch equipment outside, right on your trailer tongue. Keep your greasy weight distribution hitch and spring bars out of your storage compartment and off the ground.

Hitchport, LLC