Python Cable Lock

Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock

Hitchport® Hitch Storage Mounts and Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock

Hitchport® prides itself on being responsive to customers’ needs. So, when we received questions about how to secure weight-distribution hitch and spring bars that are stored on our Hitchport® Storage Mounts, we looked for the perfect tool to do just that. We found a great solution in the Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock. It is so versatile it can loop through the hitch and most spring bars stored on our Hitchport® Hitch Storage Mounts. 

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Using a weight distribution trailer hitch creates the towing conditions you want for a smooth ride and safe travels. To distribute the weight across your rig’s axles preserves not only your axles, but your brakes, bearings, tires, and more. You want to tow your rig as level as possible and maintain weight distribution hitch equipment for years to come.  

When you arrive at your campsite or storage facility storing weight distribution hitch equipment can be a hassle. Straining to place a heavy, greasy hitch ball and spring bars into a storage compartment or lifting them to and from the ground is not the best practice. 

HITCHPORT® Hitch and Spring Bar Mounts provide quick and easy storage right on the trailer tongue. When unhooking your trailer, the storage mount is only a few steps away and at the same convenient height. In takes only moments to transfer and secure your hitch in the storage mounts. Using Hitchport Storage Mounts clears your campsite of hazards. No hitch equipment on the ground to trip over. No hitch equipment hanging off the back of the tow vehicle waiting to split someone’s shin. With simple installation instructions, the mounts provide the perfect solution for hitch storage. Your equipment is easy to access, off the ground, and properly stored eliminating campsite hazards. 

The HITCHPORT® storage solution includes: 

  • Spring Bar Storage Mount - use with both round and square bars. Pivet the bars at an angle that best fits your needs while securing the bars out of campsite traffic areas.
  • Hitch Storage Mount - stores hitch ball on the trailer tongue

Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock 

  • Provides security option for hitch equipment stored in Hitchport Storage Mounts
  • Tapered end inserts in holes of hitch and spring bars
  • Secure generators, sporting gear, bicycles, propane bottles, grill and other camping gear
  • Cable can be retracted to any desired length between 6 inches and 6 feet
  • Two keys included

Other Hitch Storage Solutions

Hitchport® offers a variety of other products to make hitch storage easier, including hitch storage covers, Equal-i-zer sway bracket jackets, corrosion block waterproof grease, and HitchGrip carrying tool. 

Let Hitchport® help you get on the road to adventure more quickly and easily than ever before. If you have questions about any of our products, view our demonstration videos, give us a call at(772) 214-0951 or fill out our online contact form