Travel Trailer Hitch Accessories


At Hitchport®, we are travel-trailer enthusiasts who understand the importance of high-quality trailer hitch accessories to make your life as a trailer owner much easier. Browse our selection of essential travel-trailer hitch accessories and simplify your hitching experience with improved storage, security, and access.


As trailer owners ourselves, we know that you don’t always use your hitch. Our storage mounts give you a perfect place to store your hitch and spring bars where they can easily be transferred to and from your tow vehicle. Our patented storage mount kits enable you to store your hitch and spring bars wherever you like on the trailer tongue. Our trailer connector storage kit also protects your trailer connectors from the elements when not in use.

To protect you hitch from the elements and your clothes from a greasy hitch we offer hitch covers that can also help keep your hitch lubricated.


Each of our mounts comes with a set of hex screws, but you can add security to your storage mount with our security screws and matching drill bit. These screws are rare enough that a thief is unlikely to have the hardware to remove them and steal your hitch. We also offer hitch deadbolts and an adjustable hitch lock to keep your possessions safe.


We also offer a variety of products that improve you camping experience when handling your hitch and trailer. Our HitchGrip™ allows you to handle your hitch with ease, despite its cumbersome shape and greasy surface. We also carry power jacks, sway bracket jackets, waterproof lubrication, and battery disconnect switches, all of which improve your experience.

As trailer owners who use all of these products ourselves, we can attest to their ability to make hitches easier to use. If you have any questions about our products, we’ll be happy to speak to you. Contact us at or call us at (772) 214-0951 to speak to a member of our team.