Extended Deadbolt Hitch Lock

Hitchport® Hitch Storage Mounts and DeadBolt Hitch Lock

Hitchport® knows that safety and security is important to our customers. This is exactly why we offer the DeadBolt Hitch Lock for 2 inch hitches and the Extended DeadBolt Hitch Lock for 2 1/2 and 3 inch hitches.  These DeadBolt Hitch Lock Solutions ensure your hitch will remain secure and safely connected while towing. After storing your hitch in the Hitchport® Hitch Storage Mount, the DeadBolt Hitch Lock prevents theft at your campsite or storage facility. The DeadBolt Hitch Lock is easy to use with a rubber coated all weather grip and textured ends which make for easy turning. Just twist to loosen the lock, the two pieces will come apart allowing you to slide one end through the hole of your hitch bar. Place the lock pieces together and twist to tighten. Use the key to lock. The DeadBolt Hitch Lock and Extended DeadBolt Hitch Lock comes with (2) keys. A sturdy weather cap covers the lock assembly preventing the collection of road dirt and debris. Keeping the lock mechanism clean by using the all weather cap also prevents rust and corrosion.  

Whether you choose the DeadBolt Hitch Lock or the Extended DeadBolt Hitch Lock, we have one waiting for you. 


Weight Distribution Hitches create the best towing experience for owners of travel trailers, cargo trailers, race trailers, or horse trailers. Whatever you tow, storing this heavy, greasy equipment is a challenge. Hitchport® meets the challenge with its carefully designed hitch and spring bar mounts. Our design and materials have been tested over many years. The clever and skillful design of Hitchport® Mounts results in a quick and easy transfer of hitch equipment from your tow vehicle to the Hitchport® Mount, all at a convenient height, right to your trailer tongue. Your equipment is stored and secured quickly. It can be tucked in close to your trailer or wherever space allows. Trailer tongue storage is common for LP bottles, generators, battery box, bicycle racks and even grills. The versatility of Hitchport® Mounts gives our customers options. Many choose to install their mounts and store hitch and spring bars below the trailer tongue. For some, the trailer tongue may have obstructions that hang below the tongue. With so many options, our customers find they can install their Hitchport® Mounts above the trailer tongue. We have even had customers install a spring bar mounts on the trailer tongue and then hang their chains from hooks under the trailer. All these installations and more can be viewed in our Hitchport® Photo Gallery. Get creative and share your Hitchport® Mounts hitch storage! All of these examples show through long-time use that Hitchport Mounts hold up in design and materials. 

HITCHPORT® Hitch and Spring Bar Mounts 

The HITCHPORT® storage solution: 

  • Hitch bar and spring bars can be stored wherever space allows on the trailer tongue
  • Mounts can be installed above or below the trailer tongue
  • 304 stainless steel design
  • Holds up to years of use due to skillful design and materials

DeadBolt Hitch Lock and Extended DeadBolt Hitch Lock Solutions

  • Safe towing with hitch securing locked in place
  • Secures hitch in Hitchport® Hitch Mount at campsite and storage facility
  • All weather grip and textured ends make for easy turning of lock
  • Sturdy all weather cap keeps lock assembly clean
  • Two keys included

Other Hitch Storage Solutions

Hitchport® offers a variety of other products to make hitch storage easier, including hitch storage covers, Equal-i-zer sway bracket jackets, corrosion block waterproof grease, and HitchGrip carrying tool

Let Hitchport® help you get on the road to adventure more quickly and easily than ever before. If you have questions about any of our products, view our demonstration videos, give us a call at (772) 214-0951 or fill out our online contact form.