Hitch Storage Mount and HitchGrip Tool

If you enjoy activities that require the use of a trailer with a weight-distribution hitch, you need a Hitchport hitch storage mount and HitchGrip carrying tool to easily handle your trailer hitch. Turn to Hitchport for the HitchGrip tool you need.


Anyone who uses a weight distribution trailer hitch can use the HITCHPORT® storage mount. Composed of a stainless steel frame and fasteners, the HITCHPORT® includes simple instructions for installation and is mounted directly on your trailer’s tongue, ensuring that your hitch is easily accessible, stored off the ground and at a convenient height.

The HITCHPORT® storage solution includes:

  • A spring bar storage mount — This mount stores both round bars and square bars, safely tucked against your trailer.
  • Hitch storage mount — This mount securely stores your trailer hitch off the ground in the most convenient location: right where you’ll need to use it. Security options are also available in the form of a deadbolt hitch lock.
  • HitchGrip carrying tool — The HitchGrip tool is the safest, most convenient way to easily transfer your trailer hitch from your trailer to your truck, and vice versa. Rather than get your hands dirty from an oily hitch, the HitchGrip securely grips the hitch ball and provides the perfect angle so you can easily remove the hitch from the mount and carry it without hassle.

The HITCHPORT® mounts can be installed either on the right or the left of the trailer tongue, so you can use your dominant hand as you prefer.

Other Hitch Storage Solutions

Hitchport® offers a variety of other products to make hitch storage easier, including, but not limited to Hitchport hitch covers, sway bracket jackets, corrosion block waterproof grease, and Deadbolt hitch locks.

Let Hitchport® help you get on the road to adventure more quickly and easily than ever before. If you have questions about any of our products, view our demonstration videos, give us a call at (772) 214-0951 or fill out our online contact form.