How To Prevent Trailer Hitch Wear

While you are relaxing and enjoying the ride to your next campsite, your weight distribution hitch is hard at work. With every twist, turn, and bump in the road, the metal-to-metal pivot points on your hitch create friction and wear.

So, how do you properly lubricate a weight distribution hitch? We have the perfect solution 2-oz. Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease. With a tapered tip, it is so easy to apply with no mess or waste. Okay, so now we can check that box. Quick and easy application is a plus, but we want a grease that can handle the conditions present when towing.

Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease is a high performance grease. It can handle extreme pressure. It is waterproof. It won’t wash out or dry out and it is perfectly suited to the conditions present while towing.

2-oz. Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease

To use, simply apply Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease on the moving contact points on the ball mount. This includes the hitch ball and the pivot points of the weight distributing bars.

Run a bead of grease around the top of the ball to help protect it from wear.

With different styles of weight distributing hitches, you have to lubricate them differently. On a trunnion style bar locate the wear points and apply a bead of grease. This will distribute as the hitch pivots. On curved spring bars, you can see the wear points that are due to the leverage of the pressure the chain puts on the bar. Find the main pressure points and apply grease there. This will add to the life of your weight distributing hitch.

Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease dielectric properties allow you to use it on your trailer plug terminals to protect the contacts and help resist corrosion.

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